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About Best Equipment & Welding


Best Equipment & Welding creates trust and respect with our customers, enabling them to reach their safety, productivity, efficiency, and environmental goals. We do this by solving problems with integrity, innovation, and a commitment to excellence in everything we do.

Standards of Excellence


Best Equipment and Welding is committed to creating and maintaining a stringent and safe working environment in our facility and at our customer work sites. We have company policies and a comprehensive safety program which provide the foundation for maintaining compliance with all laws and regulations pertaining to the safety and well-being of all employees, suppliers, and business partners.

Safety is the responsibility of all employees, including both top management and individual employees. We achieve zero accidents by reinforcing safe work behaviors and looking out for each other.

BEW takes great pride in exceeding industry averages for EMR and Lost-Time Incident Rate. Our safety performance is continuously monitored to improve our processes, demonstrate leadership, and promote comprehensive safety.


Engineering solutions to meet your needs is what we do best! When Best Equipment and Welding (BEW) helps you determine the right product for your dock, you can be sure it will exceed your expectations and be a fair price. We work with warehouses, truck terminals, and logistic centers of all sizes to produce solid solutions with a commitment to excellence.

BEW merges the highest-quality materials and first-class workmanship for advanced, custom fabrication. The BEW team will transform your ideas through precision machining and attention to detail into finished dock equipment of superior quality and durability.


When you work with Best Equipment and Welding, you are working with a leader in the dock equipment industry with an extensive client base. The longevity of BEW employees demonstrates deep expertise and quality work. BEW’s fleet of welder-equipped service trucks positions staff to be skilled problem solvers on your jobsite. Our certified welders have deep expertise to ensure your dock equipment operates as promised.

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Honesty. Fairness. Respect. Professionalism. These values guide how BEW staff treat our customers, vendors, and the public. Whether it is our sales staff advising you on your dock solutions or our service team responding to a repair call, BEW staff focuses on the customer’s needs. Our employees complete their duties efficiently and effectively, so your business remains productive and profitable.


History of Innovators

Founder Glenn Foy started Best Equipment and Welding in his 800 square foot garage in 1983 as a one-man crew servicing dock equipment. Glenn offered customers innovative solutions for complex problems at a fair price by collaborating with them.

Best Equipment and Welding now operates from a 21,000 square foot headquarters in Indianapolis. When Glenn died, Dick Gilbert assumed sole ownership of BEW continuing the company legacy for innovative customer solutions with ‘best’ products, workmanship, and service. Andrew and Celia Yeo purchased BEW from Dick to become its new owners and Dick now operates as its Business Development Director to further support the company’s potential for continued growth. Andrew’s broad business background brings custom fabrication, finance, and purchasing expertise to BEW from large and small enterprises. Celia’s experience in HR, IT, and consulting add to BEW’s goals to further develop its commitment to excellence with solid solutions.

Since 1983, Best Equipment and Welding’s mission is solving problems…adding value. Two powerful divisions of loading dock equipment and custom steel fabrication that integrate perfectly to meet customer needs… from start to finish …for total customer satisfaction. It’s what sets us apart from the competition. It’ what we do Best.

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