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Pit Tubs

Pit tub kits provide significant quality and cost advantages when creating dock leveler pits for new construction and retrofit applications.

  • Construction:  Greatly reduces the time and cost and potential mistakes
  • Installation:  Enables dock leveler to be fully leveled, for smoother dock operations and better weather seal.

BEW’s commitment to quality, precision, and durability in its tub kit product removes headaches, decreases costs, and saves time and errors – which translate into value and savings for the customer.


  • Perfect Pit with every tub kit
  • Squared, fabricated, welded construction (not bolted)
  • Fully welded curb angle system
  • Tight dimensional control
  • Braced to retain correct dimensions during installation
  • Ensures properly leveled pit for dock installation
  • Provides significant efficiencies for field labor savings
  • Reduces costly mistakes and errors on site
  • Ships to job site ready to pour with no assembly
  • Can quick ship Front curb angles for timely concrete pour
  • Ideal for New Construction and Retro-fit


  • ½” grade from back to front
  • Open floor
  • 3 x 3 x 3/16” angle system
  • Standard 6’ x 8’ and 7’ x 8’ in stock
  • Custom sizes made to order
  • Painted with gray primer
  • Predrilled holes for electrical conduit locations
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