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Preventative Maintenance

Best Equipment and Welding strongly recommend that customers protect their investment in equipment and avoid down-time while increasing safety through regular, planned maintenance. Our field service specialists can save customers precious time and significant dollars to reduce risk of break down and loss of efficiency and extending the operating life of the equipment. Some of the benefits of planned maintenance include:

  • Decrease in costly downtime in your receiving/shipping area
  • Increased operational efficiency and reliability
  • Reduced probability of doors and dock equipment malfunctioning.
  • Extended safe and useful life of your doors, docks, and related equipment
  • Decrease in long term repair expenses

A typical maintenance program includes check and service on high speed doors, dock seals, dock shelters, truck restraints, and related equipment.  Each maintenance program can be individually designed for your facility’s equipment usage pattern, business needs, and facility schedule.

For more information on service repair, please click here.

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