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Truck Restraints

Busy docks and tired truck drivers make a dock frantic. Did you know that majority of the employee injuries that take place at the dock are due to premature truck departure and trailer creep? Each year, tens of thousands of American workers are injured in forklift related accidents, mainly the result of the forklift falling off the edge of the loading dock. In a busy loading dock area, this can easily occur due to sloppy parking, trailer creep or premature truck departures. Truck Restraints are inexpensive protection against such accidents. By securing the trailer, vehicle restraints reduce your company’s risk of physical injury, property damage and downtime.

Best Equipment and Welding staff consults with you on the right equipment for your dock needs. With a wide variety of models to choose from, BEW will help identify vehicle restraints which will perform in your application and secure the widest range of vehicles.  We chose to use American manufacturers for their quality-engineered equipment. A better-designed truck restraint is more reliable. Count on your partners at Best Equipment and Welding to engineer solutions to your specifications.

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