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Specialty Doors

High Speed Door

High Speed doors are ideal for applications where environmental control is required to reduce energy costs, increasing efficiency, improving flow or reducing any pollutants. Areas such as refrigerated warehouses, clean-room environments, food and pharmaceutical environments and plant exterior passage doors are typical applications where high speed doors are necessary. Best Equipment and Welding will work with you to ensure you have the right specialty door solution in your facility which are durable, fast, and efficient.

Chase Impact Door

Chase Industries has set the standard for impact door design and innovation since 1932. A broad choice of styles and sizes are offered making it a long-lasting solution and cost-effective solution for a variety of applications, whether it be for fast and efficient two-way movement through an opening or to an application with stringent climate control needs. Chase impact doors are tailored to suit many different applications. Custom door frames and mounting systems, made by Best Equipment & Welding Inc., integrate the Chase door with your wall opening and trim out the jamb in an attractive manner to complete the installation at your facility.

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