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John Andrews, Account Manager, C&W Warehouse

“I first became acquainted with Best Equipment over a decade ago when our warehouse was at a different location. Our landlord at the time used Best Equipment for any dock issues we may have. Even though our docks were antiquated, Best Equipment was able to deliver quality work and fix our issues every time.

Years later, I was promoted to Account Manager for our warehouse and we subsequently moved to a new location. The move prompted me to source dock repairs for the first time (previously handled by former landlord). At first, I used several companies that had been recommended by our new landlord for repairs. This had mixed results, but the shortcomings of using these companies were very apparent when several of our docks had major issues. The other companies would claim they could fix our issues and provide adequate preventive maintenance. However, I soon learned that they could neither diagnose the problems nor adequately fix them.

Then we remembered there was one company that was always able to take care of our needs without fail—Best Welding. They did such a good job for us that they became our exclusive dock repair vendor. When it was determined we needed several new docks, I thought so highly of Best, I suggested to our new landlord that they should be included in the bidding process.  Best was selected over several other companies.

Since that time, we have expanded our use of Best Equipment to Dock Repair, Dock Installation, Preventive Maintenance, to currently working with them to install Screen Doors on our docks. Best always provides dependable and consistent service.  It also is great knowing that if a dock repair is needed, Best Equipment will be at our place the next day.

Best Equipment has always been tremendously helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous. From office staff to the people that travel to our location to perform the work, I have not had one negative experience with Best.  I cannot say that about any other vendor of any service our warehouse needs to maintain operations. I would, and have, recommend taking a look at Best Equipment for any and all dock maintenance.”

John Andrews Account Manager C&W Warehouse

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