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Truck Restraints

Busy docks and tired truck drivers make a dock frantic. Truck Restraints are inexpensive protection against accidents. Linked to the physical restraint, opposing LED-lights let your dockworker know it is safe. A red light for the truck driver shows green for the forklift driver.

Best Equipment and Welding staff consults with you on the right equipment for your dock needs. We chose to use American manufacturers for their quality-engineered equipment. A better-designed truck restraint is more reliable. Count on your partners at Best Equipment and Welding to engineer solutions to your specifications. Your need for the Best solutions.


Made in the USA

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BEST Equipment Client Success

"A huge THANK YOU from CCB and Park 100 Foods!  Thanks for all of your efforts in the structural reinforcement of the Kokomo freezer.  With your immediate response to our request for help, I am delighted to report that the project was delivered to the owner on time."

Lee Ann Lankton

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